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This classification rule record is intended to help you select the best class for each of your article entries. Commonly a classification or sub-classification could serve twofold implications and it's our trust that this report will help clear up the kind of articles we are planning to find in each of the accompanying classes. Maybe the greatest oversights amateur writers will make is that they take a stab at grouping their article in the same classification as their business as opposed to in the best classification for their essential article subject. Case in point, if a writer composed an article about objective setting and afterward stopped their wellbeing and wellness business in the asset box, they may choose Health and Fitness for the class when unmistakably the Goal-Setting classification is best for the substance and reason for their article. In conclusion, a typical inquiry that is asked: Can I put my article in more than one class at once. Apologies, the answer is no. It would be ideal if you pick the most fitting classification and run with that. The primary Arts and Entertainment classification is for all Arts and Entertainment related articles that don't fall into a particular subcategory underneath. Samples incorporate articles.